Here Is My Idea About How We’re Going To Help

I was watching CNN this morning and a human interest story by @edlavacnn ( Family has heartbreaking dilemma amid pandemic) played. I thought that I should do something. And wondered what. Here is my idea:
I wrote to CNN and Ed Lavandera:

I watch CNN in the background while I work and have seen some of your human interest stories about people struggling during this time. I came up with an idea of a way I can help.

I make mugs & other items. It is a long story. Not enough space here to explain. I would like to reach out to my artist friends and design a mug for as many families in need as I can and feature them on my website then give a portion of the money from each mug to that family. I know there may be some rules about this, but since our government seems to be doing nothing it seems it may be time for individuals to do something. I have limited resources to find people that need help. You guys have the ability to find these people. Please contact me and help me: Office: 760-820-9100.

Erick Johnson

So, now with a bit more thought I am flushing through my idea and working out the details. We’re going to create a new category on the site. I’m not sure what I’m going to call it yet, but something like “Human Interest” or “Helping Others”. (I am open to suggestions.)

We are going to reach out to our artist partners and others to design mugs based on the stories of the people that we’re able to help. We’re going to post those stories in the descriptions of those mugs and contribute every penny over the cost of making and shipping those mugs to the Go Fund Me pages of each story.

I’m going to put the links to the Go Fund Me pages in the descriptions of the stories so you can contribute to these people directly without buying a mug. Some of our partner sales channels will not allow links off their sites. We won’t be able to post links on those sites.

Please share the stories, with permission, of people you know. Please tell me how to make this a better idea. We need to do something to help. There are people in need.


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