Conditions of Use

Conditions of Use

We are very glad you are here!

First off we want to thank you for your visit.  For any Internet shopping space to be successful we need to build trust with us.  So, first off, we would love it if you would take a second and read the 'Note from the creator' page.  This will tell you a bit about how Joshua Tree Mug Company came to be.  We also want very much to hear from you, even if you don't buy anything from us today.  Your feedback is so very important to have we make this a better space for you, so share with us here!

This is about building a relationship.  The relationship is between a buyer, we're sure that will be YOU, and a seller (us).  On our part, we will treat every person who visits us the way we would like to be treated.

If you don't like something on our site please feel free to tell us.  If you love something on our site we would like to hear that too.  If you have something to offer us please do that as well.  If we don't respond to you offer please do not be offended.  Many people on the Internet use the Contact Us page on a website to send automated messages and we can't respond to all of them, but we do respond to every personal message!

So, on with the stuff we have to say to try and protect ourselves:

1. Prices, terms, and availability are subject to change.  Things happen and our suppliers change prices, Items availability changes and we something don't react fast enough.  So we may show something as available, but it's not.  Here is the commitment we will make.  If you complete an order on our site for a product and it is available (in stock or we have the ability to make it as described) you will receive that order for the price you paid.  If an item is not available we will do everything we can to find a suitable replacement and communicate with you about that replacement before we ship the item to you.  If we can not resolve the out of stock item issue we will communicate any other options to you and offer a full refund, if necessary.

2. This is our art.  We have worked hard to build this library of designs.  Some of the images we have purchased licenses too, some we have created in our own workshop.  If you like our art please buy it here.  If you would like to re-produce our art on your own medium we will be happy to work out an arrangement with you for a license or refer you to the original license holder.

3. Your Information is PP to us!  Precious and Private.  We only share your information with our third-party vendors in order to get your order processed.  That would include our credit card processor and shipping vendor.  We will NEVER sell or give your information to anyone for any reason, unless we are required to do so by law enforcement (and even then we'll fight hard to make sure they deserve to have it).

We updated this last on December 23, 2019