Jack Clark

Jack Clark

Jack Clark, grew up in southern California, after his birth in Pasadena in a year he claims he doesn't remember. When it came to Art, he seldom gave much thought or time to creative expression, not at least until reaching his mid sixties. This is when he discovered that he really enjoyed the

colorful combinations and designs he noticed in abstract paintings. He took on the challenge of

expressing his creativity by producing a few abstract paintings on canvas, and any other

surfaces that allowed acrylic paint to remain on it.


He got interested in digital prints after taking photos of his art, and digitally enhancing

the images.  He found it to be too much more fun than painting alone, and began

experimenting with the creative tools found in software like photo shop


Besides images often found in today's world, Jack liked to recreate images of

well known individuals in history, men and woman who were Presidents, Military leaders,

famous film stars famous artist,  writers, scientist, and even a famous therapist,


He also enjoys doing line drawings, utilizing satire, to communicate a political

or moral value, hoping to influence others to evaluate their lives and become

better for it, doing the right thing and increasing the amount of pleasure and help they give to others.


In Jack's collection you will also see, cars, landscapes, animals, insects, birds, frogs, food

and maybe a fish, he says he can't remember.